I got drunk on nitro, I got burnt on methane, give me more high voltage, I'm blown apart like lightning.

I'm drinking like a pipeline, rolling smokey thunder, I need a dose of guitar, the moon is full of party, hey, hey, hey

I'm wreckage, total affected, hey hey hey, I'm wreckage my brain's arrested… hit me

I'm powered by action, bustin open midnight, scramble me with gasoline, I'm melting into daylight,

I'm jack hammered wrecking, accident tested, straight ahead sex drive running off the runway hey hey hey

A thousand watts of climax, ten ton of impact, rocking me, rolling space wreckin crazy..

I'm flying over Jersey breaking out the freedom, so hit me hard as justice, I don't go down easy, hey hey hey etc

I went out to break loose like New York headlines, my blood was drinking fuel like an Exxon pipeline,

The night was twisting around like a Texas tornado. I went out to break loose like New York headlines…

I want out of my life, right now.

I came upon some wreckage, a kinky rod of lightning, her internal fire screamed deep inside my mind,

and Lenny's gun was burning back down in Jersey, the whole night was smoking, and then it all went bang,

I want more, of this life, right now. I want more, of this life, right now.

Tell me when I'm shot down, I can't stop I'm blacked out, , Who says that I'll back down? I gotto drink my last round.