Now Lenny I'd like to talk to you about the very first time that I heard that Johnny still alive and well;- captured live and how it went down- right through my heart. And it flamed my heart,

I mean, I was young, but it never got old, cause it was damn HOT, yeah and that Janis out there screamin her guts out, I mean that added a lot of fuel to the fire.

And Joe was kicking around with Kinderhook and me and Big Mike were screaming our heads off all over the floor. Sundance thunderbird,

and ummm Jimmy that rainy day, oh man I know I was dreaming, so let's get some of them drinks up on that bar and I'll take it straight…right through my heart…

That's the only way you know how, Stan.

But I must say, where in the rrrrrrrrr did it all go?

Johnny's gun is still smoking.

Yeah he's still playin his hands off holding the flame, and that rock is deep, deep down past the mantle, deep down in the core,

Where it never gets cold.

It don't get old.

Now I heard about a legend down in Jersey, who is a crusader of The Flame…

Yeah I heard about that guy.

Well whoever he is I hope that he is still fanning the flame, down to this day…

I think he is Stan. What do you want to do now Stan?

I want an Army. I want an Army, and I want to fill up Giant's stadium with a stock of wood for the flame, for the people, and we'll get that flame burning, we'll get that flame burnin so high and so damn wild that the whole damn government just might come down and join us and authorize a permit for the flame, for the people, and bring this country back to life, and let the people live again.

All the sailors, all the soldiers, all the rock-roll people, and the hippies and how about those hard working men and women, and the rest of the damn pirates let them all come and we'll be right there with them fanning the flame.

Stan look what's coming.

Ha ha ha you're kidding me; it looks like they made a heart change. …They even got the permit.

Well now Lenny go get a case of that magic wine for these special friends and sit them right down here in the front row with us and let them light the match…

Do they know how to get here Stan?

Oh yeah I told them take the Bay Bridge, take the Brooklyn , take the GW, take the Lincoln take it all, right through the flames of our mind…

Stan this party is getting big, I mean real big.

I know, Obama saw the flame down in Washington, and him and the boys are on their way up right now,

hey Joe, bring another case of that magic wine over here for him and his gang and when them black cars pull up here, you sit them right down here with us and let that guitar tell it like it is.

Now see here, these laws need to be changed, now I told them this has to be done on the side, I mean they want us to come down over here, you got a sign, I got assign, some of these papers over there, about the new law, about the law of real, and no more of that bullshit going down.

Hey Lenny, tell that foxy lady, to buy the whole damn stadium, a drink on us.

I was 15 years old when that flame burnt down in my rockin soul, and made my stand with the people of the flame, for the army of the flame, so if you feel you ought to be over here with us, then I'll see you tonight, at the Royal Manor North, and we'll shake hands and then, we'll, blow it up.


here to watch AJAMMINATION performing The Flame at Tobacco Road, on our youtube channel.