Now this is for all the godly flesh, you know who you are, the superfine that know how to move.

You make me feel alive, your vibe running all over the air, with all that class.

Oh yes and when she bends down, I said, and when she bends down, wowow.

You make my mind kink.

now this must be said, I said it must be said, I said to you, superfine, superfine, superfine...

and when you shake, you shake my heart loose, you got it goin on, you got it goin on...

extremely ooliosa, extremely ooliosa, extremely ooliosa. Superlicious, of all creation.

Your legs make it a magic floor, you're so wow, stand there, can you hear me stand there?

Now hear me superfine, every man alive, down deep in his mind loves you.

Can't you feel it? Well make some damn noise.

Hey Lenny I was down on 33rd and Broad and man this superfine came down and she shot the whole damn block down.

And then I said hey, and then I said hey, see this superfine imagalina infoxicated my whole damn world. …

now look at that

Now that is superfine superbrilllian…

I could see her comin here from a mile away standing right here under the 59th street bridge.

See her ooing radiation, turned on a shock wave, straight down south to Dixie.