Ajammination is the result of a vision that Stanless had while working as a bouncer years ago in the fertile NJ Club Scene. He had a dream to see legendary Yasgurs Farm guitarist, Lenny Molinari play alongside equally legendary NJ drummer Joe The Volcano, who along with many of NJ’s top bands, has recorded/toured with blues great Pat Travers and Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush. You may be more familiar with Stan, from his other job as a Professional Strongman. He has appeared on countless daytime television shows and the star of the award winning indie film, “Strongman“.

Stan believes his strongman feats are not just acts of physical strength—but of deep emotional and spiritual strength. They are demonstrations of the kind of life transformation possible when you put your whole belief system into something. Stan has also done this with his music, wanting to put together a band with no limits or boundaries. Just amazing musicians playing their hearts out while he screams his guts out! Stan has appeared on more than 30 television shows, everything from The Maury Povich Show, Ricki Lake and Crook and Chase to NBC’s You Asked For It and Japan’s Unbelievable.

Stanless Steel

STRONGMAN is a cinema verité documentary about Stanless Steel, The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal. STRONGMAN is a film about faith, about believing in yourself and a film about never giving up. Visitwww.strongmanfilm.com to find out how you can see this powerful film.

In true, Stanless Steel style, he has a Rock-n-Roll dream 30 years in the making. He has been writing incredible songs, pouring his guts out in a whole new way. Stan exposes his soul when he performs. Like everything he does, he gives it his all. He gives it with strength, and the power of love of the music and his band.