Now let's go get those wild boys all fired up... Crazy... til the end…now!

II feel it all, I got to be it all…I want it all, I love it all. Don't let it stop, let it go I can't stop the world!

Somewhere smack down dead in the middle of it all, I deal with it all.

Getting off, going off. It's pounding going off.

Old Buck, get my brother over here now. Get it right, you're wrong, you space wrecker.

Hello Stan, are you coming by tonight?

Oh no, what am I gonna do now? I want someone I need, who is real…ly mine. Where's Artie? The feeling slipped away.

I said it, stood for it and did it. And now I'm gonna sit back, and take a good look at what I got, going up, off the world.

Space wrecking crazy. And who do you think pulled me in... you... space wrecker

And all that space junk going around his head, don't pull it down, let it crash when it wants to.

It all burns up, on the way down anywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Stan where are you?

Click here to see Stan listening to Space Wrecker late at night at The Notch, til we got tossed.