Lenny Molinari is a legendary performer in the NYC/NJ metro area music scene for over 30 years, he is the founder of the group Yasgur’s Farm & was in the late 70's super group Salvation. Lenny is respected by fellow musicians and music industry veterans.

His band, Yasgur's Farm… opened for the Band of Gypsies after they lost Hendrix. Billy Cox & Buddy Miles invited Lenny to play in Jimi's place. He was also asked to play in Curtis Knight's band. Lenny grooves with the soul of Jimi Hendrix, the sweetness of Carlos Santana, and the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Guitarist, Lenny “Miles an Hour” Molinari says, “Ajammination is wide open rock n’ roll played over a heavy groove, ignoring all conventional rules and showing no restraints. That was Stan’s vision and I’m having a heck of a lot of fun fulfilling it with him.”

Lenny "Miles-an-Hour" Molinari