Not so long ago in a Northwest town, A bad southpaw was laying it down so sweetly.

A super-hip picker from a castle made of sand, Blew the foxy ladies right on back with his Band… of Gypsies

On a dragon fly he could kiss the sky, The way he played the blues he could make the wind cry… Mary

Talkin about Ji-mi, Jimi, Talkin about Ji-mi, Jimi. Fillin all the airwaves with his psychedelic soul, A link into the future with his rock-n-roll.

Are you experienced? From the lower east side to the stage in Monterrey, you can hear Jimi play; I don't live today.

That's just coincidence. He told us back then that 6 would be 9, and when he came back he would come back to find, a world that is burning.

Or maybe just a change of climate.

here to watch AJAMMINATION performing J.I.M.I. at Tobacco Road, on our youtube channel.