Reaching down below, where feelings overlay, the truth that cannot lie, hears you helplessly.

Lost in living time where age could not tame, the cause that comes to term, to will your self-esteem from within you, from what's been you.

What mattered once before, don't matter much at all.

No more than all the things you could not have, the past that you belong to, and all it claims to be, flaunts behind it's truth, and what it is, to find you, from within you.

As age takes its time to show you life runs out, its meaning sometimes comes to be, a gratefulness of living and the feeling s when you're there.

Touch me to keep me living on. Inside you, from within you, from what's been you.

Way up, up so high beyond the light of sun is where your name is known to be.

In deep below inside me, I know just what to do, to honor, the greatest name of all, Jehovah, from within me, from what's been me.

here to see Stan tightrope walking with this song playing,