They are exciting because they make music to please themselves, not the public.” Says Joe Borges, Recording Engineer, “You have some of the greatest musicians in NJ club history playing music with no boundaries. They are bringing back the days of brain numbing, jam rock. The kind you’d hear back in the 70's but with a whole new twist.”

That twist, is Ajammination frontman Stanless Steel. If you are not familiar with Mr. Steel, you may be more familiar with his career as a Professional Strongman, having since retired from performing feats of strength. He has appeared on countless daytime television shows and the star of the award winning indie film, “Strongman“.

The story gets even more interesting when you find out that this band was the result of a vision that Stanless had while working as a bouncer years ago in the fertile NJ Club Scene. He had a dream to see legendary Yasgur's Farm guitarist, Lenny Molinari play alongside equally legendary NJ drummer Joe "The Volcano".

Guitarist, Lenny “Miles an Hour” Molinari says, “This is wide open rock n’ roll played over a heavy groove, ignoring all conventional rules and showing no restraints. That was Stan’s vision and I’m having a heck of a lot of fun fulfilling it with him.”

As Loud As It Can Get

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