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Rockin' Louder by the Hour!

Stan was interviewed on the Jay Thomas show on siriusxm indie 104 @siriusxmindie @realjaythomas #sxmjay

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STRONGMAN is a cinema verité documentary about Stanless Steel, The Strongest Man in the World at Bending Steel and Metal. STRONGMAN is a film about faith, about believing in yourself and a film about never giving up. Visit www.strongmanfilm.com to find out how you can see this powerful film.

In true, Stanless Steel style, he has a Rock-n-Roll dream 30 years in the making. He has been writing incredible songs, pouring his guts out in a whole new way. Stan exposes his soul when he performs. Like everything he does, he gives it his all. He gives it with strength, and the power of love of the music and his band.

Check out AJAMMINATION on youtube.com

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